We are a registered NDIS provider.

If you are already registered for the NDIS, and are approved for in home meal support. Please email us with the following information, so we can start the process with NDIS

  • Full Name 
  • DOB
  • Address
  • NDIS Number 
  • How many meals you would like each week 
  • Period of time you wish to have meals delivered

Once we have all the information, we will then submit an application and quote to NDIS for approval. ( this may take several weeks for NDIS to approve ).Once approved we can then start delivering your meals.  

follow the link to our contact page 



If you would like to spreed up the process, and are already set up with a self managed NDIS plan. The below option may be better


Are you on a Self Managed NDIS Plan ? 

We can help you enjoy fresh home delivered meals and supply you with all the relevant paper work for you to make your claim. 

Weather you manage your own plan or need us to work with your care provider its all possible with Fresh Sprout Meals. 

If you would like to to start 

Step 1
Email us at info.freshsproutmeals@gmail.com 
Our team will talk you through the order and payment options.

Step 2 
We will arrange a menu to be sent out to you or visit our online store at

Step 3 
Place your order. Full payment is made to us up front either by ordering via website, phone or email.

Step 4

We will provide you with a detailed Invoice in the correct format so you can then make your clam to the NDIS for your refund. 

Step 5
Enjoy fresh, tasty home delivered meals with ease because that's what you deserve.